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Creating the puzzle to solveOur team can help you get through a rough patch, implement a change and/or take you to the next level, but what happens when you are on your own again? We make sure that you and your team are ready to take the reins by focusing on communication, documentation and training throughout the process. Your staff will feel confident that they have the toolkits and resources needed to sustain positive change. We focus our expertise in the following areas:

Change Management


Whatever you are planning, two-way communication is key. Someone must listen to the feedback and respond or risk losing credibility right when it’s needed most—in times of great change.

Strategic Planning

Look at where you are, who you want to reach and what you want to achieve. Make a comprehensive and actionable plan to get there with results you can measure.


Coordinate your efforts with other organizations targeting similar and overlapping audiences.

Event Planning

Ensure a compelling event presence through expert space design and powerful consumer interaction.

Face to Face Conversations

Get and hold people’s attention to communicate your message.

Marketing & Communication


Make your message loud and clear to both internal and external customers, meeting them where they are and talking to them in ways they will hear.

Effective Targeted Outreach

Utilize best practices to engage people, including both hard to reach and crossover populations. Communicate in a culturally sensitive manner at all literacy levels to every target audience of stakeholders.

Printed Materials

Write content that tailors the look and feel of your message to your target audience for use in printed and online materials.

Social Media Expertise

Create/expand your social media presence and show you how to effectively reach your target populations online.

Web Design

Use our expertise in graphic design and user-friendly interfaces to make sure your website visitors have an optimal experience.

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Organizational Development


Let your staff know you take their needs and satisfaction seriously. They want to feel respected and supported, and they should always know how they contribute to your mission.

Staff/Leadership Development

Have us train up your employees so you can keep getting great results long after our contract has ended.


Take a hard look at your organization to find ways to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Succession Planning

Identify ways to help all your employees reach their highest potential and find purpose in their work.


Identify ways to keep your organization in the black for the long haul.


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