Who we are

Our story

The important thingsAs new parents, Brian and I were discussing what key concepts we wanted to instill in our children. Of course we wanted them to have a lifelong love of learning, a healthy dose of self confidence, and respect for themselves, others and the world around them. Not knowing what their particular interests or skills would be, Brian said, “I just hope they use their powers for good.” And it stuck.

Since the best way to instill a behavior in a child is to model it yourself, we committed at that moment to use our own skills, experience and innate talents to improve our world and the lives of its inhabitants. We can’t fly, nor do we have super strength, but we do wear white hats and save damsels and gents in distress whenever we can.

Our Mission and Purpose

To be your partner through change development, elbow to elbow, all the way. Let’s use our powers for good.  

Our Vision

Empowering your organization to improve the lives of Californians, every day.

Our Values


Clear, concise, consistent communication is not optional.


We have great ideas. We think you do, too. Collaboration and respect are the keys to an innovative environment that moves everyone forward.


All our activities are completely open, including both what we are doing and why.


We do what we say we will, on time and on budget.


We do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s how we live.

Hard work

We do what needs to be done. Our dedication is your asset.


We really believe in what we are doing, and it sets us apart. It’s why we get up in the morning, and it’s why we smile. A lot.


We support our “tribe” and hold each other accountable to our own highest good. And we turn our cell phones off after 7 pm to enjoy uninterrupted hugs with our children.

Our People

I have been in the healthcare arena for almost 20 years. I take pride in being a well respected speaker and presenter, educating and inspiring audiences throughout California. After receiving my Master’s in Public Administration, I applied my Organizational Development coursework in systems improvement and strategic planning and program design and evaluation in the Contra Costa County Health Services Department for over a decade. I have been a certified application assistant for state health programs, Harvard-trained in Balanced Scorecard™ methodology, and recently received my certification as a “Lean” Kaizen workshop leader. I improve everything I can, wherever I can. You can start talking to me here.

— Tess

I, on the other hand, am new to healthcare, but I’ve always been involved in change management. Most of my experience has been in information technology and technical training. Many of the start-ups in the dot-com era went through the company I worked for, one of 3 major internet backbones at the time. I have developed materials and trained people in soft skills like customer service and help desk, all the way through end user computer training for Cal-WIN, the California state-sponsored social service eligibility system. Prior to deciding on self-employment, I was a data center specialist for Facebook. I’m really good at seeing a situation from angles no one has thought of, and taking any idea and making it better. At least, that’s what my wife tells me. Feel free to contact me!


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