Superhero Self Care – Part 2

Superhero Support Systems

When you think about your network of people, do you have some that support you and some that, well, not so much?

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately, about where I go to get support for my hero work and how I refill my energy tank. I really appreciate the analogy of the “energy tank,” which is like a gas tank on a car. You can’t get very far when it’s empty, it takes effort to fill, and you have a gauge that tells you how much you have.

Have you ever run low on gas?

Staying in the car analogy, what happens when you seLow fuel gaugee that alert light come on? A moment of anxiety? Do you turn off the air conditioner and start looking for a gas station? Have you been stuck far from civilization when that light came on? How far have you pushed your car, running on fumes, until you paid attention and refilled the tank?

As you probably expected, I’m going to now draw a parallel to your life and your superhero work. It doesn’t matter how fancy your car is, how well you maintain it or how much money you’ve put into “pimping your ride”. If your tank is empty, you’re going nowhere.

Where’s the gauge that lets you know you’re running low?

I bet you can answer that one for yourself. Personally, I can tell I’m running on fumes when I have difficulty choosing kind words, when I’m starting to get sick, or when I just can’t focus on what I want to be doing. Extended time in escapism behaviors (even if it’s a really *good* book) is also a clue. And that general feeling of listlessness, like a mild depression you can’t shake, is a sign that you need to reach out and be reinvigorated.

How do you ensure your tank is refilled on a regular basis?

One way is to know where your gas stations are. When you’re near one and only a little low, you can refill conveniently, without undue stress. Then you’ll never risk depleting yourself to the point where you can’t save yourself, let alone anyone else.

Your gas stations are your support network.

Your support network is those special people—your friends, network and tribe— that are kindred spirits who support the change you are meant to make in the world. These people hold you up to your highest good, reflect your intentions back to you and basically help you be your best.  This is your Justice League; your Superfriends; your Avengers.

This is why we started the League of Extraordinary Change Agents.

Having had my tank empty once too often, I actively look for and create support networks. I know I feel positively buoyant after amazing conferences and in-person interactions of all kinds, which signifies that being with like-minded people re-energizes me for the work I am meant to be doing in the world.

Reaching out to your network to reconnect, dialogue or even ask for help is something you should be proud to do. You are honoring their place in your life and making space for them to do their good work. You’re also showing the way, making it okay for them to reach out the next time they are running low. Go ahead. They probably need it as much as you do.

And if you need additional support, know that we are here to help.

Feel free to reach out to us for idea-bouncing, resource exploration, or just plain connecting to other people making the world a better place. And if you know of others who could use some Superhero support right now, invite them to join us. We’re all in this together, so let’s lift each other up.

Let us know how you support others, or how we can help support you, by leaving a comment below. It’s an honor to be of service.

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