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Team analysisWe started OmniConsultants because we believe that change should be well-managed and thoroughly communicated. We’ve seen how progress and results are often blocked by bureaucratic processes, unintended consequences, insufficient planning and a lack of clarity in communications.

Our vision is to…

  • …transform the response to change from resistance and paralysis to understanding and engagement.
  • …support effective, direct action to help people realize their highest potential.
  • …develop empowering change management strategies, policies and communications that generate not just buy-in, but enthusiasm for improvement.
  • …benefit from lessons learned from our experience in the public sector, from stakeholder engagement to large-scale system implementation.
  • …design and implement effective engagement initiatives, winning the heart as well as the mind.
  • …ensure sustainability of your organization by improving staff retention and easing your way through funding challenges.

Together we’ll do more than change the world─we’ll improve it.

We can help you…

We use a holistic planning process to build understanding, invite genuine collaboration and test proposals. This approach is founded on careful listening, mutual respect and constructive problem solving.

Our work at OmniConsultants is motivated by a deep personal commitment to meaningful social change and a genuine interest in addressing the needs of other socially conscientious people.

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