Saying good-bye to 2013

hAs part of my final farewell to 2013, I wanted to share some of the things I do to let go of the old and bring in the new.¬† I believe it’s very important to move through life with intention, and one of the ways I do this is to make a big deal out of certain things.

For this reason, I like New Year’s Eve. It’s a clear demarcation, not only that I need to write a different date on my checks, but that the wheel of the year keeps on turning. One of the most successful quotes I ever originated was, “And in a year, you will be a year older. Whether or not you go for it, a year will have passed. Will you regret it or celebrate it?” As a result of saying these words, I helped encourage two bachelor degrees, a military enlistment and a marriage.

Time passes. Move forward with intention.

Anyway, to say good-bye to 2013, I write an annual letter. I include it in my holiday cards to family and friends, in part to make sure I haven’t left anyone out of our life updates, and in part to recognize all that has happened to myself and my family. In my business, I write down all our accomplishments and share them with my team. We work very hard, and we don’t always take the time to recognize it. This is a good reminder to do so, and a great chance to thank the people who helped make it happen. (I also close out the books, but that’s not as exciting.)

Let go of 2013. The New Year doesn’t need extra baggage.

Going into 2014, I decided to change things up a little. I usually choose a theme for the year in retrospect. Writing my annual letter for this holiday season, I decided 2013 could best be described as “Epic”. Our growth as individuals and as a family exploded,¬†not the lease of which was starting¬†OmniConsultants. The difference for 2014 is that I’m choosing the theme in advance — “Celebration.”

The most worthwhile tradition is to plan for the New Year.

I intend to celebrate my life, my family, my clients, my work and all that I do as often as I can. I will make more of an effort to be grateful, show my appreciation, and be generous in all that I do. There are so many little ways to pause and appreciate what we have every day, and I intend to incorporate them. I think I will start early and go hug my kids.

What do you do to celebrate life? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below. Happy New Year, everyone!


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