The Origins of OmniConsultants

Every good superhero epic has an origin story.  

I had been working for decades in bureaucratic organizations, and had many opportunities to observe upper management decisions. Because I’m curious and passionate about my work, I was constantly reading books, taking trainings and going out on my own time to increase my skills. As I moved up the career ladder and became an executive, I came to believe that the issue was not just bad management, it was a complete lack of structure. Managers weren’t ignoring line staff, they just had no capacity or systems to recognize and elevate their people. That struck me as fundamentally broken.

Then came my impression of consultants themselves. (Sadly, many of the interesting projects got assigned to outside teams, and not internal staff.) What did the consultants leave us? A stack of Gantt charts and reports. Once the consultants left, my staff and I were left to do the actual work. I saw many reports that were shelved as soon as the consultancy contract ended, never to see the light again. Broken.

And now I get to address both issues, as a Change Management Superhero!

I’ve started my own company to help improve organizations that are dedicated to serving the public good. Superhero capes for everyone.

I am joined by my partner and Wonder Twin, Brian, and our league of subject matter experts and operational gurus. We have the professional expertise needed to level-up organizations, and we’re so excited to be doing this, it’s infectious. Does this sound like you? Then be warned: You may not be able to contain your smile when you work with us. At least, we hope not.

Thanks for reading our blog and we hope this gives you a little background as to who we are and what OmniConsultants is all about. We’re here to support you, make your work easier, help your organization thrive, and have fun along the way.

We’re so glad to have you with us at the beginning! We hope you decide to subscribe to our newsletter. And if you really want a Gantt chart, we will make one. But just for you. 🙂

Your professional adventurers,

Tess, Brian and the OmniTeam

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