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With all this focus on getting things done, especially those big projects that have been weighing me down, I reached out to my tribe to solicit ideas. I wanted to know how people motivate themselves to do things they don’t necessarily want to do.  There are plenty of things that are important that need to be done (taxes come to mind), but getting up the gumption to sit down and complete them can sometimes seem impossible. Here are some of the things recommended by the people I know, as well as some uncommon things that have worked for me in the past:

My Anti-procrastination Toolbox

  • Set up my workspace: Clear the desk/table, get water/tea, put on music
  • Find “Accountability Buddies,” people who love you enough to help hold you accountable
  • If there’s no distraction-free space at home, schedule time on my calendar to go to a coffee shop
  • Turn off notifications on my phone and close my email programs
  • Chant, meditate or even take 5 deep breaths before starting work to set my intention/attention
  • Envision doing the task for someone I love
  • Ask for help from groups I belong to, friends, and/or my circles
  • Lean on what others appreciate about me to get the job done (strength, connection to others, achievement, vitality, etc.)
  • When stuck, do 20 jumping jacks (get heart rate up) and/or have weights nearby
  • Take breaks/do something else for 15-20 minutes instead of getting lost in email or social media
  • Procrastination is our emotional response to a task. Sit with the feeling and see what comes up.
  • Use a voice recording program to brainstorm ideas & get started on writing stuff. It’s easier to edit than create.

This list has really helped me stay focused on the mountain of writing I’ve committed to do, most notably my upcoming eBook! (Stay tuned for that!)  Do you have even more ideas? I’d love to hear them! Please share in the comments section below.

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