Is this you?

superherocroppedAre you looking for…

…support that will allow you to focus and elevate your organization?
…a fresh injection of optimism, enthusiasm and perspective about change?
…effective ways to engage with internal and external stakeholders?

The type of change you are facing is not as important as how you are facing the change.

You might be facing….

  • Evolving technologies, like social media and mobile applications: Sure you have a Facebook page, but what is it doing for you? And do you need a mobile app?

  • System implementations/upgrades: Are you asking your staff to implement a system in addition to their daily work? Are you getting the most out of the system you’ve already invested in?

  • New funding streams: Are you applying for a grant but don’t yet have the resources you’ll need to fulfill it? Do you know how to best present your organization to attract new funders?

  • Shrinking resources: Are you spending more time completing paperwork than pursuing your core mission? Is your team’s time spent efficiently, with no duplication of work?

Change for improvement — not just for change.

You typically work for — and with — the following types of entities:

  • National, regional and local government agencies

  • Consortiums and regional/interest groups

  • Multilateral institutions

  • Community-based, Non-governmental organizations

  • Community Colleges, K-12 schools and other educational institutions

  • Grassroots movements and people who touch people’s lives daily

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