You and your team have been recognized as the heroes needed to make the Affordable Care Act a reality!

Now what?

Now that you’ve been awarded the Outreach & Education grant, there’s a lot of work to do, and very little time. We know the State is asking a lot in return for the funding.

  • A Detailed Work Plan in just 30 days!
  • Participation in an extensive list of events and festivals starting in May (i.e. now).
  • In-depth education provided to 70% of your target market through Open Enrollment.
  • Increased staffing and training to do all of the above.

Sharing knowledgeDo you need on-call Superheroes?

OmniConsultants has been saving healthcare-efforts-in-distress for decades. We want to be your sidekicks to help you improve the health of all Californians, and make sure you meet the grant deliverables in a single bound (so to speak).

Our heroes specialize in…

Strategic Work Plans

Use our templates and expertise to meet your 30 day deadline for the Campaign Plan and Detailed Work Plan.

Training & Organizational Development

Regardless of when the State is ready to start training, we can make sure your current and future staff understand the Affordable Care Act and Covered California, effective outreach and education techniques and reinforce culturally competent customer service skills.

Education and Outreach

We will help you identify the best messages and methods to reach your patients, their families and their friends. Although Covered California will be providing many of the outreach materials, we usually recommend you look at tailoring the content to your target audience, and we will help you go through the State approval process for all customized messages.

Event Planning and Management

We will show you how to design your event tables, reception areas and bulletin boards to get and keep the attention of visitors and event attendees.

Measurement and Evaluation

We have multiple ways to measure your activities and effectiveness to meet State reporting requirements.

Change Management

We help you and your staff fold these new responsibilities into your work, meeting the grant deliverables without losing sight of your core mission.

How do you get a red phone?

Let’s meet for a Superhero Starter Kit working session at no cost. We’ll take you through a series of questions, and at the end of one hour, leave you with a set of customized tools to jump-start your efforts. Even if you’re already knee-deep in planning, our session will help streamline your workflow and ensure your success. And if we think OmniConsultants can assist you in completing your Detailed Work Plan, we will offer our services to you. That’s it.

You hold a vision of making the world a better place by improving the health of local communities. So do we. Let’s team up.

Simply fill out the form below, click Submit, and we’ll answer that red phone right away!

Please answer the following questions in as much detail as you like. We will fill in any gaps when we talk.

Thank you so much for inviting us into your process. We look forward to reading what you’ve written. We’ll be in touch with you soon to schedule your Superhero Starter Kit session, at no cost to you!